About MIFA


To be the leading community platform that provides outstanding members value relates to Malaysia Industry4WRD Policy. It will connect related stakeholders, entrepreneurs, researchers, and policymakers with a strong voice of influence on the innovation, development, and market deployment of I4.0 & IR4.0 technologies & applications while stimulating and spearheading a favorable business environment.




Core Activities

● Generate opportunities to meet and collaborate with other leading companies, thinkers, doers, and movers in the I4.0 & IR4.0 world.
● Form industry committees and working groups to identify and address areas of common concerns.
● Exercise thought leadership voice in driving forward the most important conversations on I4.0 & IR4.0 at industry events and in the press.
● Jumpstart business development opportunities (including partners and customers), suppliers, talent, and potential investors.
● Lead efforts to raise I4.0 & IR4.0 education among consumers, sales channels, and investors.Edit


■ Advocating and shaping guidelines for the I4.0 & IR4.0 best practices and technology standards
■ Generating new business opportunities, increasing collaborations with other members, and building professional standing
■ Building a sense of community through events and education
■ Enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration
■ Developing a comprehensive digital library or knowledge bank with innovative and up to date content including successful implementation testimony and case studies.

Collaborative Frameworks

● Business strategy : How to identify, prioritize, fund, and monetize new projects
● Technology and Standards : Including successful business models
● Security : Including best practices and a maturity model
● Legal : Including policy and legal advice to members and the community
● Industry forward : Including strategies for deployment and implementation of I4.0 & IR4.0 applications.
● Academic and Research : Foster collaboration with local and international universities/colleges and various research institutions with a common interest.
● Government Liason :  Liaising on MIFA’s behalf with various governmental authorities, all ministries, tax and customs authorities at Federal and State levels to facilitate smooth implementation of MIFA’s programs.